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Recording lectures

Taking notes is SOOOO 2000s. These days Tablet or smartphone is a must-have for every college student. Not to text your friends, update your Facebook or surf the web necessarily, but to record your lectures so that you don’t miss a word. If you haven’t started doing so already here ...

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Study Groups

Have you ever heard the statement that 2 heads are better than one? Well when it comes studying and college success that just may be the key to success. Study Groups are beneficial to students who are looking to retain more, and get feedback/perspectives from other students. When you pull ...

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F-I-N-A-L-S it might as well be a 4-letter word. The word alone is enough to bring a sense of dread to a class. The best thing you can do is study and get a good night sleep. But if you don’t like that is enough here are a few things ...

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Taking Test Effectively

We all know that taking tests is stressful. Even if you are as prepared as possible, there is always that element of doubt that creeps in. Still, are some steps you can take to help yourself take help be more effective.

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Study Picnics

Study Picnics really? YES. Study picnics are the latest incarnation for study groups (typically) marrying the benefits of outdoor studying (Studying Outside) and providing a comfortable, fun way to do your work. Of course the prevalence of this new-ish trend has everything to do with your school’s location, but if ...

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