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Recording lectures

Taking notes is SOOOO 2000s. These days Tablet or smartphone is a must-have for every college student. Not to text your friends, update your Facebook or surf the web necessarily, but to record your lectures so that you don’t miss a word. If you haven’t started doing so already here are a few apps you will want to look into: Google Play Books, Evernote, Dragon Microphone, AudioNote, Quickoffice Pro HD, ZotPad and Zandy. Check out the top two apps:


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  1. I’ve been using Dragon Microphone with a lot of success. It helps me compliment my notes. YEs I still take them.

  2. I have been using Google Play Books. LOVE IT! I can basically show up to class hungover and not even pay attention. Then later go through the lectures again to see if anything was important. Best feature… Fast forward! lol

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