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Financial Aid

Times are hard for everyone. However, proportionally-speaking the segment of the population that seems to be one of the hardest hit are the recent college grads. The average college student amasses over $35,000 in student debt upon graduation according to Edvisors. That is the bad news. Solution: Financial aid. Enter ...

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Unless you’re a premier athlete and have colleges beating down your door, you’re probably in the same boat as the rest of us: trying to figure out how to afford college. One of the best ways to offset your collegiate costs is to receive scholarships. Unfortunately its not that easy. ...

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Student loans

It goes without saying that in order become a college graduate you’re more than likely going to need a student loan. Student loans have been very controversial especially in recent years due to the crippling effect its had on graduates and the unregulated practices of lenders. As the the economy ...

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College Costs

Its time for college. You know its going to be about 35K/50K year depending whether your instate or out of state and public or private university. But what exactly are you paying for? Here are a list of the biggies: Tuition Room and Board Books Living Expenses The first 3 ...

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