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College Parties

So you just graduated high school and now you are interested in “furthering your education.” Sure we believe you. However it’s very likely that you are going attend a College party or two. ¬†Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go to college parties. Obviously the ...

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Studying Outside

  So you’re on your twelfth cup of coffee in the library trying to stay awake and finish memorizing the textbook for your midterms. Well you’re in luck, there have been studies that demonstrate that the environment where you study can have an equal bearing on the how much you ...

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Visualization and Confidence

Imagine you are going into your final exam, palms sweaty, stomach uneasy and filled with trepidation. Its Finals, you’re prepared but still a bit uneasy. So where do you turn? Answer: inward. Visualization is a proven method for creating confidence and trusting in your preparation (assuming you ARE prepared). Here ...

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