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Flash cards

With all the technology today available today its easy to get swept away with the latest fade in study aids. However, dollar for dollar its hard to beat–wait for it— Flashcards. Our brains create associations more quickly and permanently through repetition. Flash cards portability allow you to study virtually anywhere ...

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Most Competitive Colleges

For most students, choosing a college is the first major decision of their lives. Similarly for a lot of students, its the first foray into the “real world rejection.” This is especially the case if your you are applying to to these schools: College Name Acceptance Rate Average GPA Stanford ...

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So your midterm is tomorrow 9am and haven’t been to class in two weeks. Only thing left to do is cram. However there is a right way and a wrong way to cram. First, “location location location.” You need to go somewhere where you won’t be distracted. Given your limited ...

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